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Beautiful School Displays.

Each class was given the theme of ‘ Tree’ to create a display of their choice. We have had some very artistic displays throughout the school which I thought would be lovely to share with you all.


Mrs. Smith (Holly)

Art Leader

Year 2 Fir ClassYear 4 Oak Class Year 5 Classes Year 3 Maple Class

Year 1 Elm Class

Year 1 Cyprus Class

Year 6 Classes


Year 2 Holly Class

Foundation StageFoundation Stage

Anti-bullying day and cake!

It’s been a busy week in Oak class this week! Today we focused on anti bullying and got the children involved in lots of different activities to remind them how important it is to be kind and respectful to each other.

The children created t-shirts, deciphered coded messages and created a word bank of how they would like to be described to others. We had a great day in year 4 and to top it off we ended the day with cake! Here are some lovely Tanners Woods cakes that got donated this morning….. they were delicious!

Thank you to everyone that donated and bought cakes today, it is much appreciated!

Oak class

It has been a fun filled week here in Oak!

New teacher, new work and catching up with friends!

This week has all been about growth mindset and getting our brains in order ready to start the hard work which is coming our way.

Here are some pictures of us working hard in maths investigating the stair challenge!

RE Workshop

Oak class spent an afternoon with Mrs Bastable who came in to help us learn about King David : poet, soldier and King. They studied Psalm 23 in the Beginners Bible and then chose a sentence from it to illustrate. We ended up the afternoon watching a fantastic clip learning about David and Goliath.

The children were a fantastic group displaying fabulous learning behaviours and making Mrs Waddell very proud. Well done Oak!

Year 4 Science in the Sun

Year 4 Oak class took advantage of the glorious weather and investigated the process of digestion in the sunshine this week. We used sandwich bags, tights and plastic cups to mimic parts of the body and help us understand the process of digestion inside our bodies. It was fairly messy and involved producing waste from a plastic cup. As you can imagine, the children loved it!