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Balancing Act

This half term in indoor PE we are exploring pathways over, under, across, through and around different pieces of equipment. This week Miss Reynolds set us the challenge to experiment with different methods of travel over the equipment and to hold a balance at one point during our pathway. Check out our balances!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop

This week Larch class were lucky enough to step back in time and experience an Ancient Egyptian workshop. We learnt about when in history the period happened, discovered the process of mummification and listened to (and even acted out) some stories told to us by famous Egyptian figures. Everyone loved dressing up as Egyptians and taking part in all the different activities!

Scientific Investigations

Our Science topic this term is plants. We have been busy completing two separate experiments! Our first one (which we are still in the process of observing) was to test the effect of using fertiliser on plants. We planted beans and plants and will be observing and recording their growth each week. Our second was to investigate how water travels through a plant – we put food colouring in the plant’s water to see what would happen. For both experiments we came up with our own predictions and once we have collected the results, will be completing conclusions of what we have found!

Healthy Heroes

Today Larch class were lucky enough to take part in a ‘Healthy Heroes’ workshop run by the Three Rivers and Watford School Sports Partnership. The children took part in a range of activities which explored and promoted good physical, mental and social health. Everyone participated and had some fantastic answers!

Year 3 Circuits

Last week, both Larch and Juniper took part in a circuit challenge. Not only did we practise our sport skills (throwing, dribbling, javelin, etc) but we worked on our communication and ability to work as a team. Miss Reynolds and Miss Bennett were very impressed with the mature behaviour they witnessed. Well done Year 3!

Mr Hughes introduces Larch the alien!

Larch class were ever so lucky to receive a visit today from Mr Hughes. He read his new poem about an alien called Larch who visits the six main biomes – a lovely link to our geography topic! We all LOVED the poem and are very grateful for Mr Hughes taking his time to share it with us. Our favourite parts included the mention of the ‘Cosmic Burger Place’ and the mention of Miss Reynolds. We are really excited to re-look at the poem next term during our poetry topic.

Rainforest Report Writing

This week in English we have been publishing our non-chronological reports on a rainforest animal. We used our knowledge from our geography lessons on biomes, alongside research completed in English and computing lessons, to create some fantastic pieces of work. Miss Reynolds is very impressed!

Anti-Bullying Day 2019

The rest of our day was spent completing lots of different activities which celebrated anti-bullying and the theme: change starts with us. As a class we discussed that if we all start by making small changes to our own individual behaviour, we can work together to successfully challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with working together!