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Black History Day 2020

In Larch class this morning, we have been discovering what black history month is and why it is so important. We have learnt all about Rosa Parks and her brave decision to not give up her seat on the bus. We discussed why she refused to move and why her organisation of the bus boycott has made her an incredibly influential black person in history. We wrote diary entries from the perspective of Rosa Park.

UFOh no!

This morning on her way to work Miss Bennett was horrified to see an alien spaceship zoom over Tanners Wood. Year three went to investigate and were amazed when they discovered a strange, green egg in the KS1 playground. Where did the egg come from? What is the strange noise that keeps coming from the sky? Where is the UFO now? Year 3 will continue to report on the incident and hopefully more information will be revealed soon…

Year 3 Fun Run

This afternoon year 3 travelled to St Catherine’s school to take part in a fun run. The children all showed great determination and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Lola who came 3rd in the girls race and to Freddie and Zac who came 1st and 2nd in the boys race, both across all three schools. Well done everyone!

Computer Whizzes

Today Larch class had the exciting opportunity to take part in a robotics workshop. We learnt how to programme a micro-bit and all about input and output. Our behaviour was outstanding and we were all determined to complete lots of the challenges set for us.

Geologists at work in Larch!

In science this week we have carried out an investigation on the permeability and density of different rocks. We discussed our aim, made predictions and assessed the risks before carrying out the experiment. Once we completed our results table and analysed our results, we noted our conclusions.