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Roaming around a Roman Wall!

Today year 3 visited the Verulamium Park in St Albans. Did you know Verulamium was the third largest British Roman town? The Romans built the defensive wall between 265 and 270 AD and it can still be traced for most of its 2 mile radius. We did a sketch of the wall and then completed a learning walk around the park, spotting different human and physical geographical features.

Who stole the chocolate cake?

Larch class have been investigating which member of staff stole the chocolate cake from the staff room today!!!

We investigated different types of soils and compared their properties. We discussed colour, density and how wet they were. We worked out which soil matched the description of the culprits footprint to find out who was guilty! We have learnt that soil can differ depending on where it is and how deep underground it is!

Database Designers

In computing, Larch class have been learning about what a database is and how a branch database works. Did you know databases are used in libraries, schools and even supermarkets! We created our own human-sized branch database by playing ‘class guess who’. We then designed our own branch database and created them electronically using purple mash. Check out our fantastic databases!