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Let it Grow

Apple Nursery are enjoying learning about plants and what helps plants grow as part of our ‘Let it Grow’ topic. A big thank you to ‘The Plant Stop’ on Hempstead Road who kindly donated some bedding plants for us to replant in pots for the Nursery garden! We have been learning to name the roots, stem, leaves and flowers. We will be making sure we water them so more flowers can grow!

Easter Activities at Nursery

We have had lots of fun this week with our Easter activities including egg hunts around the Nursery garden and matching the numbers, a film with treats provided by Friends of Tanners Wood, making Easter cards and chick nests as well as learning about the Easter story and making an Easter garden. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break!

Beautiful School Displays.

Each class was given the theme of ‘ Tree’ to create a display of their choice. We have had some very artistic displays throughout the school which I thought would be lovely to share with you all.


Mrs. Smith (Holly)

Art Leader

Year 2 Fir ClassYear 4 Oak Class Year 5 Classes Year 3 Maple Class

Year 1 Elm Class

Year 1 Cyprus Class

Year 6 Classes


Year 2 Holly Class

Foundation StageFoundation Stage

Magical Mud!

In Apple Nursery this week we have been getting messy making a ‘Magical Mud’ mixture! The children mixed corn flour and water together, then added mud and grass. We talked about what the dry powder felt like and how it changed when we added liquid. They had lots of fun mixing and pretending to be the gloopy monster from ‘Room on the Broom’!

Have you seen the Gingerbread Man?

Apple Nursery have been learning about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. Yesterday he escaped from the classroom and we looked all over the school to try to find him! The CCTV video showed him running outside Nursery. We tried finding some clues about where he had gone. We thought he might have broken the goalposts and we found crumbs in the infant gazebo where he must have eaten his breakfast!

Then we made some ‘LOST’ posters to let other people know to look for him too.

Porridge Party!

Apple Nursery have been enjoying learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ this week. We made and tasted porridge, dressed up and used the role-play area to re-tell the story. Everyone created a picture from Goldilocks for Baby Bear to say sorry for eating his porridge and breaking his chair.

Exploring ice

Apple Nursery’s topic this term is ‘Let it Snow’. This week we have been reading the story ‘Elmer in the Snow’ and exploring ice. We enjoyed touching the ice and talking about what we know about ice. We discovered that using salt and leaving ice in a warm place helps it melt and turns ice into water.