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This weeks PE challenge – Toe Taps ; how many can you do in 60 seconds? 

See if you can improve your score throughout the week, keep practising and by Friday at 12pm submit your score to 

I look forward to seeing your scores and the results will be shared in next weeks school newsletter. 👍 I will let you know my score too! Good luck! 

Refraction Science Experiment

Spruce class have been learning about light and refraction in science. We learnt that refraction is when light rays travel at different speeds through transparent materials such as glass and water; this causes the rays of light to bend.

We experimented using a picture and a glass. We drew a picture and placed it under the glass while slowly filling the glass with water. The picture seemed to disappear when we looked through the side of the glass.

Online Safety PSHE lesson

Year 6 have discussed the responsibility that comes with posting on social media sites, along with the importance of online privacy. We discussed how private photos and videos of individuals are for them to decide whether or not they should be shared on social media not others.

The children were reminded to be aware of what they are posting online including what they like and comment on. They were also reminded that if they bring their phones into school, that they must be switched off and remain in the office whilst they are at school. Phones must not be switched on again until they are off school grounds.

Reebops-Spruce class

Year 6 have made marshmallow Reebops in science to help their understanding of genetics. The features and characteristics of the Reebops were chosen randomly to replicate the natural selection process and constructed out of marshmallows and pins. We learnt that discontinuous variation is how we inherit certain characteristics from our parents genes. The children particularly enjoyed naming their ‘baby’ and putting it into our Reebop nursery!