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Heathy Heroes

This morning Juniper class were lucky enough to take part in a Healthy Heroes workshop. We learnt lots about how we can keep healthy – physically, socially and mentally. We then enjoyed taking part in some exercises, working towards the hour of physical activity we should aim to complete each week.

Roaming around a Roman Wall!

Today year 3 visited the Verulamium Park in St Albans. Did you know Verulamium was the third largest British Roman town? The Romans built the defensive wall between 265 and 270 AD and it can still be traced for most of its 2 mile radius. We did a sketch of the wall and then completed a learning walk around the park, spotting different human and physical geographical features.

A new Emperor in town!

In our history lesson today, we were visited by Emperor Claudius – a real life a Roman Emperor! He could not decide whether he should invade Britain for a third time, after Caesar had already failed twice before him. We provided him with reasons for and against the invasion to help him make a decision. After debating the points that we had put forward, Claudius did decide to invade and he was successful.