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Coming soon in Ash Class

After half term our new topic will be ‘People who help us’. This morning the children have thought about what they already know and what they would like to find out, make or do. They then voted for the new Role Play Area. The winner . . . FIRE STATION! The children are very excited.

World Mental Health Day

On Saturday it was World Mental Health Day. The focus this year was diversity. As a class we talked about it being healthy to experience a range of emotions but the importance of talking to an adult if needed. The children imagined a monster and then drew it. We then talked about all of the children’s monsters being different and unique just like us.

Letter formation

We have been thinking about letter formation. At Tanners Wood we use a cursive style of handwriting so all letters need to have a ‘whoosh in’ (lead in). A video has been uploaded to Google Classroom which shows the importance of children being able to form c, l, r and v correctly as a foundation for forming all other letters.

C (whoosh in freeze, curl around the caterpillar) formation supports the letters a, e, o, d, e, f, g and q. L (whoosh in tall freeze, down the leg) formation supports i, j, t, u and y. R (whoosh in freeze, down the robot up and over his arm) formation supports b, h, k, m, n and p. V (whoosh in freeze, down a wing up a wing) formation supports w, x and z.