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Our run to the North Pole so far……..

Wow! The children had two extra days this week compared to last week so we expected a higher lap/mileage count but we were not expecting it to be this high! As a school we ran 7,706 laps which is 1,156 miles! So altogether we have run 1,661 miles and have 899 to go! Well done Tanners , keep it up! This week Ash class improved the most with a staggering 717 laps! The trophy goes to them this week! 

Furthest distance covered in the run to the North Pole!

The children ran so far last week covering an amazing 505 miles in 3361 laps of the daily mile track. That is a quarter of the way to the North Pole! 

Well done to Oak class who ran a staggering 461 laps , the most out of any class in the school!

Next week the trophy will be given to the most improved score! The trophy is on display in Oak class’s window. 

Maybe try running an extra lap next week! 

The First Christmas

Today Apple Nursery have been learning about what happened at the first Christmas by re-telling the Christmas story. We talked about things that we do to celebrate Christmas and the reason why Christmas began – to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! The children helped tell the story by dressing up and played with the small world toys to tell the story.

Winners of Tri-Golf !

In October, we took part in a virtual tri-golf event. We were divided into three teams and our teams scores were added together and sent to the sports partnership leaders. We played against Divine Saviour, Abbots Langley and St. Paul’s…. and…. one of our teams won! Well done to Jack C, Daisy H, Anastasia N, Ben W, Maison S, Adam H, Peter H, Darcy G, Joseph N and Owain M!

Then, our results were compared to all schools in the Three Rivers Sports Partnership and …… our team won! Fantastic!! Well done!

The medals were sent into school and they have been quarantined for over 72 hours.

‘Aaaarrgghh! Spider!’

This week Apple Nursery have focused their learning around the story ‘Aaaarrgghh! Spider!’ by Lydia Monks. We have made spiders out of playdough during busy fingers, learnt facts about spiders, counted the legs on a spider, played an incy windy spider game up and down the drainpipe as well as talked about things that make us feel scared and what we can do to help us when we feel that way.

Magical Mud!

In Apple Nursery this week we have been getting messy making a ‘Magical Mud’ mixture! The children mixed corn flour and water together, then added mud and grass. We talked about what the dry powder felt like and how it changed when we added liquid. They had lots of fun mixing and pretending to be the gloopy monster from ‘Room on the Broom’!