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Langleybury Farm

Apple Nursery had a lovely morning visiting Langleybury farm and learning about the animals. We got to feed the goats, pigs, donkeys and sheep. Thank you to the volunteers at the farm who showed us around and to the parent helpers who came with us.

Where did the Gingerbread Man go?

On Wednesday morning this week, the Gingerbread Man went missing from Apple Nursery! We checked the CCTV and he seemed to have escaped through the door and into the Nursery garden. The detectives in Apple class investigated and searched for him everywhere! Some reported him being seen in gardens around Abbots Langley. Eventually the Gingerbread Man returned and we found him hiding in the book corner! The children enjoyed acting out the story and eating a special Gingerbread Man treat on Friday.

Caterpillars and Butterflies!

Apple Nursery have enjoyed learning about how caterpillars grow and turn into butterflies. We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and were able to release our own butterflies this week after watching them grow in the classroom.

We have learnt about symmetry and created our own symmetrical butterfly paintings and last week we made different minibeasts on paper plates. Actions are helping us to remember each part of a butterfly’s life cycle and we are making plates using different shaped pasta and labels to show each part.

Our run to the North Pole so far……..

Wow! The children had two extra days this week compared to last week so we expected a higher lap/mileage count but we were not expecting it to be this high! As a school we ran 7,706 laps which is 1,156 miles! So altogether we have run 1,661 miles and have 899 to go! Well done Tanners , keep it up! This week Ash class improved the most with a staggering 717 laps! The trophy goes to them this week!