This weeks PE challenge – Toe Taps ; how many can you do in 60 seconds? 

See if you can improve your score throughout the week, keep practising and by Friday at 12pm submit your score to 

I look forward to seeing your scores and the results will be shared in next weeks school newsletter. 👍 I will let you know my score too! Good luck! 

Wall Sit Challenge

What a great start to our PE challenge this week. 40 children from across the school took part in the sports partnership virtual challenge. How long can you wall sit for? Many of you managed around the 7 minute mark which requires strong leg muscles! Well done all of you who took part: Olivia P, Millie D, Joseph D, Maisie H, Aoife D, Ella-Rose K, Louie J, Ruby G, Freddie G, Drew B, Jack S, Cody B, Kirstie, Mia T, Diyan P, Harry H, George A, Lexi H, Alex A, Isla H, Henry W, Toby, Freddie W, Callie L, Tamara L, Bradley H, Ryan E, Tia J, Rosie, Jemima H, Tom F, Fletcher T, Sienna B, Marni C, Isis C, Kyle B, Logan G, Ruby P,  Layth J and Andy C.  

Well done to Cody B for coming second out of the 96 entries across the sports partnership with a time of 17 mins 23secs. 

Germs, germs, germs!

Ash class has been exploring germs this morning. Ms Schofield started by touching everyone with glitter so they could see how germs spread. The children then took part in three activities:

1. Children chose either milk and glitter or water and black pepper. They put a finger into the liquid and talked about the ‘germs’. They then chose a squirt of antibacterial or non-antibacterial soap, put their finger back into the bowl and watched the ‘germs’ disperse. Why not try this at home.

2. Children looked at pictures of hands. They talked about which ones they thought were clean or not clean. We talked about not being able to see germs so even the clean hands might have germs on them.

3. When the children came into school this morning they were all asked to touch a piece of bread. In groups they repeated this and predicted what might happen to the bread. We will keep you updated! At home look at the photo and make your own predictions.