Abbots Langley Aliens

In English this week, Larch class have been learning about newspaper reports. We explored the school grounds after hearing of an unusual alien sighting above the school and looked for evidence. We then practised our use of dramatic language in preparation of writing our own newspaper reports next week.

A new Emperor in town!

In our history lesson today, we were visited by Emperor Claudius – a real life a Roman Emperor! He could not decide whether he should invade Britain for a third time, after Caesar had already failed twice before him. We provided him with reasons for and against the invasion to help him make a decision. After debating the points that we had put forward, Claudius did decide to invade and he was successful.

Easter Activities at Nursery

We have had lots of fun this week with our Easter activities including egg hunts around the Nursery garden and matching the numbers, a film with treats provided by Friends of Tanners Wood, making Easter cards and chick nests as well as learning about the Easter story and making an Easter garden. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break!

Egg-citing Egg-speriment!

We have been looking at how important it is clean our teeth. We read a story called “Give us a smile, Cinderella!” and saw how clean and sparkling Cinderella’s teeth are. We also saw her step sisters brown, rotten teeth too! Yuck!

We put an egg in water , coke and orange juice to see what would happen as the egg shell is made of calcium carbonate like the enamel on our teeth.

We left it for 5 days and were shocked by the results!

Please do not look at these photos if you are eating!

We know that to keep our teeth healthy we need to brush our teeth twice every day; once in the morning and once before bed for 2 minutes.

Successful scientists!

In Beech class, we have been looking at how germs spread. We investigated touching bread with washed, sanitised and unwashed hands!

The results were interesting. The most mould grew on the bread touched by unwashed hands and the least mould grew on bread touched by sanitised hands!

We really enjoyed finding out how important it is to keep our hands clean! Beech class are now super at washing hands for 20 seconds! Well done Beech!