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Tomato Bruschetta

We had an exciting afternoon of food technology, where we made our delicious healthy snack.

We prepared the surfaces and ourselves. We took great care when using a knife.

Some of us who usually do not like tomatoes enjoyed this. Do ask your child to help you prepare it at home. But watch out for too much balsamic vinegar! Drizzle not pour!

Dance Dance Dance

What a treat to see such wonderful dancing at Tanners Wood school.

Year Three, Larch class, showed off their street dance moves. Juniper were walking like an Egyptian. Years Four, Maple, rocked to Electric Avenue and Oak class were in a Time Warp!

The judges had a really tough time. They were so impressed with each of the dances.

Well done to all the classes.

Egyptian Day

We became Egyptians for the day and relocated to the River Nile.

We began with looking at where Egyptian times sat on the timeline.

Throughout the day we met some interesting characters. Workers who would work close to the river. Pharaohs- who were the monarchs of ancient Egyptians and many more.

We played Egyptian style Tug of War. Jazmin was the winner! Hurrah for Jazmin.

We learnt about how the Egyptians named their sons and daughters.

There was a clear hierarchy in Egyptian times. The Pharaoh at the top of the pyramid and the slaves were at the bottom.

We have learnt so much about Egyptian times, but we will ever shake the curse?

I just can’t stop dancing!

Our scientific school trip to Tring Museum.

The children were fascinated to see the vast variety of animals at the museum. We had a great handling session of different skulls. We looked closely at the teeth to give us clues as to which mammal each belonged to. We had some great guesses.

We found animals from different biomes. There were also animals which sadly are now extinct, the great sloth bear and the dodo.

A big thank you to our parent helpers who I think enjoyed it as much as the children.

I know that many of the children would love to return so do pop along and learn even more.

Well done Larch you were a pleasure to take out.


A tiring day for some!