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Rainforest Report Writing

This week in English we have been publishing our non-chronological reports on a rainforest animal. We used our knowledge from our geography lessons on biomes, alongside research completed in English and computing lessons, to create some fantastic pieces of work. Miss Reynolds is very impressed!

Anti-Bullying Day 2019

The rest of our day was spent completing lots of different activities which celebrated anti-bullying and the theme: change starts with us. As a class we discussed that if we all start by making small changes to our own individual behaviour, we can work together to successfully challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with working together!


In PE today we started our new dance topic. Using an image from ‘The Iron Man’ written by Ted Hughes as our stimulus, we worked in groups to come up with different movements. We took a taught motif and changed it using different levels, speeds, directions and added in our own movements too!

Celtic Harmony

Yesterday Year 3 travelled back to the Stone Age and spent the day at Celtic Harmony. We had the opportunity to take part in lots of activities – our favourites included practising our hunting skills and attempting to create stable shelters. We used our Stone Age knowledge to answer lots of questions and learnt even more facts about life in Prehistoric times!



In our final STEM session of the week, we have been discovering the effect of forced perspective – a technical effect which makes objects appear larger, smaller, farther or closer than they actually are. We discussed how it has been used in films and even had a go ourselves!