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Celery and food colouring!

In Science, Larch class conducted an investigation. We wanted to know how water travelled through plants so we planned an experiment to find the answer! We decided to use celery as our plant. After discussions, we realised that water was see-through, so in order to see it we mixed it with food colouring. We made sure our investigation was fair so used 50ml of water in each beaker. We are currently awaiting the results to see what happens to our celery!

UV light

In Science today, we learnt about the effects of UV light. We discussed what UV light is, how it enters our atmosphere and the damage it can cause to our bodies. We conducted an experiment where we closed our eyes for 30 seconds and then watched what happened to our pupils. We were amazed to see that our pupil shrunk as we opened our eyes!

Dear Diary

This week in Larch, we have been looking at diary entries. After identifying the features of a diary entry, including starting with Dear Diary, writing in first person and using a formal tone, we wrote our own! We also used our red pen to edit and improve our work as we wrote our entries. Here are some of our fantastic examples,

Using our senses

Today in Larch we went outside to the wildlife area to help us with writing our haiku. We closed our eyes and used our senses of smell, touch and hearing and made notes on these. Back in the classroom, we wrote a haiku around the theme of nature and used our notes to help us write these.