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Year 3 Scientific School Trip to Tring Museum

Today year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day out to Tring Natural History Museum. We looked closely at lots of different animal skulls to investigate what animal the skull might belong to. We used our knowledge of the different teeth types to help our investigation. We also roamed through all of the museum’s exhibits, looking closely at the different animals on display. We even got the chance to dress up as some of our favourite animals.

A massive thank you to all of the parent helpers who joined us and made the trip possible. We’re already looking forward to our next adventure.

Anti-bullying day

Today Juniper class took part in a range of activities as part of our work for anti-bullying day. In one such activity we investigated the power of our words. We passed around an apple and said horrible and mean things to it. We then passed around a second apple and gave the apple lots of compliments. Afterwards, we cut open both apples to discover the impact that our nasty words can have. We were reminded that although the impact of mean words may not always be visible on the outside, they make a difference on the inside.

We also enjoyed wearing odd socks to school to show our support for anti-bullying day.


Today’s Virtual Reality Workshop was fantastic! The children all said how much they loved the experience and would like to repeat it. This was very obvious by the continual exclamations of ‘Wow’ heard throughout, and as you can also see being said in some of these photos!