Category: Year 4

Year 4 Science in the Sun

Year 4 Oak class took advantage of the glorious weather and investigated the process of digestion in the sunshine this week. We used sandwich bags, tights and plastic cups to mimic parts of the body and help us understand the process of digestion inside our bodies. It was fairly messy and involved producing waste from a plastic cup. As you can imagine, the children loved it!

Eggs away. . .

Oak class are investigating the effects of different liquids on egg shells. We are mid way through our experiment and have discovered that so far vinegar and energy drinks have had the most dramatic effect.

Watch out for our final results next week!

Girls football

Last night we played against Orchard away. We had a shaky start as our players noticed that they had a few academy players and started nervously. Unfortunately, we let in 3 goals in the first 5 mins. However, we regrouped, composed ourselves and held off anymore goals. We worked really hard to get back into the game and had 5 shots on target by Lilly but we were unable to convert them into goals. Well done girls for having a super attitude to sport. Every girl played a crucial role in the team. Look out Holy Rood who we play at home this Thursday!