Category: Year 4

Creative calendars 

Oak class have applied their pop art knowledge to create seasonal images for their calendars. They have repeated a pattern using contrasting colours. Here is a sneaky peek at some of the sections. Watch out four a finished calendar in a home near you soon….

Can you guess the season?

Tanners Wood join in with Hour Of Code week

Children throughout the school have enjoyed taking part in the National Hour Of Code this week. The initiative encourages children to become coders and problem solvers. The Year 5 children have enjoyed a range of activities with our volunteer computing expert, Simon Devon, which included coding robots and Microbits. Children in our school coding club also enjoyed a challenging coding session this week which they proudly demonstrated to their parents after the club, which turned into a mini robot wars episode in our school hall!

EYFS and KS1 also enjoyed learning how to Code using Osmo the iPad educational gaming accessory, which was expertly demonstrated by some of our Year 4 children. Our Year 6 children will also be taking part in a collaborative coding challenge this Friday, with a group of Year 7 and 8 secondary school children, via Skype in our computing suite.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with new technology this week and have found it exciting and fun. Here are some photos of their learning.

Wonderful wordles

In Geography, Year four are learning about the UK. They duscussed the idea of steroetypes and how different people have different ideas about the same country. The children brainstormed words to do with the UK and in our computing session, they put them into a wordle. 

The festivities begin!

‘Twas a very festive sight this Friday in Maple,

as 30 students wore Christmas Jumpers, a very festive staple.

As festivities begin in Tanner’s Wood, Maple Class started by learning the meaning of Advent and reasons as to why it is celebrated (Whilst sporting some fantastic Christmas clothing!) This culminated in Maple Class’s Christmas Wreath in which each pupil wrote some of the preparations they make each year for Christmas, deciding which were the most important to feature on their part of the wreath. 

Anti-bullying and teamwork.

Maple class celebrated anti-bullying day today with all sorts of activities, including designing and creating individual badges, which they have been wearing proudly, creating logos in a school wide competition and all sorts of discussions with many different people and teachers in the school to improve their knowledge of how to identify and stop bullying. We also spent part of today learning about the value of teamwork and working together. As you can see, we used teamwork to create amazing things out of newspaper and to aid us in some fun games!