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Eco Club

Today we made eco friendly bird feeders. We used juice cartons and lolly sticks. We made a hole for the bird to get in and we will put food for the birds inside the carton. The string at the top will let us hang our feeder from a tree or bush. Hopefully , the birds will like it!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

This week it has felt like we have been transported to the North Pole! It’s been amazing to see all the snow and ice. The children explored the outdoor area and enjoyed playing with the snow. They made some great observations and discoveries. 

“The snow sticks when you squash it down.”

“The ice feels different to the snow, it’s harder.”

“If I hold the snow in my hands for ages it melts.”

We finished off an exciting week with our class party. The children enjoyed eating thier  treats and singing some classic Christmas songs.  There were some brilliant dancers too; showing off their moves during musicals statues. We even had a special visitor drop by to give us an early Christmas present. 

Eco News

We have been busy over the last two weeks monitoring how we can save energy by closing doors and switching off lights; we have all worked very hard at this and hope you have tried at home too.

This week we have thought about animals in winter and made bird balls from sunflower seeds, bird seed, oats, dates and fat. We are sure the birds will love them!