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Christmas Party planning in maths

Today in maths, to stay with the Christmas spirit, we started to design a party for 6 people. We have started by looking at what food we need for our party and researched this by using the I-pads. We went onto various food websites, found prices and multiplied or added the amounts depending on how many we needed to feed the 6 people.

A computing lesson on scratch

Rowan class were lucky enough to have a computing lesson with an ICT teacher from a secondary school. We used the program scratch and used code to make a racing car start, change direction and stop. Some even changed the code further to make the timer change. We even change the code to make the background different! Not only was it fun learning, we also learnt so much.

Coding Week

This week in computing, we took part in an hour of code. To get into the Christmas spirit, the children completed coding on The Grinch. They had to make a drone move towards the presents, around trees and jump over reindeer!