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Oak internet safety

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Oak class completed activities linked to Internet Safety day. They answered a quiz and brainstormed the best responses in role play. They considered a range of role play scenarios such as nasty texts on a mobile or unknowable friend requests on an online game.

Indoor athletics.

This Thursday saw the much anticipated Indoor athletics competition held at Parmiters and great fun was had by all! Oak’s Girls came 2nd overall while the Boys came 3rd, in Maple the Boys came 6th while the Girls came third. Everyone put in maximum effort and have the right to be incredibly proud!

Creative calendars 

Oak class have applied their pop art knowledge to create seasonal images for their calendars. They have repeated a pattern using contrasting colours. Here is a sneaky peek at some of the sections. Watch out four a finished calendar in a home near you soon….

Can you guess the season?