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Sound investigation

Oak class investigated sound waves. They used a plastic cup telephone connected with string. The children checked if the sound waves could travel along the string and what helped the sound travel better.

Once we had made our deductions, the children designed a poster too sell this amazing new toy they had discovered! 

Saxon superstars

Oak Class finished off a very successful term studying the Anglo Saxons by delivering a fantastic assembly on the topic. The children were clear, funny and brilliantly organised. Well done Oak class. As part of the assembly, we presented our published non chronological reports which look amazing.

Wheelchair triumph

A part of you-nique week, Oak Class were given the opportunity to take part in wheelchair basketball. The children learned how to climb safely in and out of a chair, how to manoeuvre around the court and how to catch and throw a ball while moving. The children showed a remarkable confidence with the new skills and applied their existing knowledge of team work and tactics. The leaders commented on the positive approach and engagement of the children and I was proud to see their enthusiasm and cooperation even with this new skill. Well done Oak Class!

Tanners Tri Golf Triumph

This afternoon Oak Class headed up to Manor House for the Year 4 Sports Partnership Tri Golf competition. All the children showed amazing sportsmanship and were a credit to the school. We impressed the Parmiters’ sports leaders with our skills and enthusiasm. A particular well done to our very own ‘A’ team who won!! They will progress to District Finals on Thursday 19 October. Fabulous work today year 4, it was a pleasure to take you out. 

Back in time…

On Wednesday 4th October, Year 4 went to Chiltern Open Air museum. We had an amazing Saxon workshop where we learnt about how homes were made, practised styles of Saxon writing and discovered how Saxon beliefs changed. In the afternoon, the children were archaeologists and were allowed to ‘clean’ artefacts, deduce from what they had found and puzzle how to put vase pieces back together.