Category: Larch

Researching animals

In English today Larch class started their research for their non chronological report. We used information sheets to find facts about the appearance of either a parrot, sloth, howler monkey or chameleon. We recorded these onto our mind maps to use for our reports. 


In PSHE this week, Larch class focused on understanding different feelings and how to notice them. In groups we studied a picture and wrote down all the powerful language we could think of describing how this person felt. Below are some pictures of our group work. 

Adding in math

Larch class are beginning to learn how to add numbers together using column addition. Today we used diennes and place value cards to support our understanding as to how numbers can be placed in a grid. Here are some pictures of us doing our work. 

We are you-nique!

This week is you-nique week and Larch class have been learning what it means to be unique. We have tried to paint Monet’s water Lillies paintings with our eyes closed (to show how difficult it must be to paint partially sighted), as well as finding out our special talents and why we are unique in Larch class. We concluded that everyone is different and unique and this makes us all special.

Inverted commas

In Larch class the children were learning how to use inverted commas for showing speech in writing. Children worked in groups to write a sentences and had to correctly place the inverted commas around the speech. Here are some examples