Category: Juniper

Change Starts with Us!

Today in Juniper class we completed a number of fun activities for anti-bullying day, based around the theme ‘change starts with us’. In one activity, we said unkind, hurtful things to an apple and then, kind, positive things to another apple. We discussed how saying these unkind things made us feel sad and sorry for the apple. When we cut the apples open, the apple that we had said unkind things to was broken and bruised whereas the other apple was healthy. We immediately understood the impact that our words can have on people. The bruises and broken bits showed us what happens inside each one of us when somebody mistreats us with their words and actions.

Celtic Harmony

Yesterday Year 3 travelled back to the Stone Age and spent the day at Celtic Harmony. We had the opportunity to take part in lots of activities – our favourites included practising our hunting skills and attempting to create stable shelters. We used our Stone Age knowledge to answer lots of questions and learnt even more facts about life in Prehistoric times!