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Rapid Fire 6Ts and Hockey House Event!

Today, we had our second house event of the year; rapid fire 6Ts for Y3/and hockey for Y5/6. A massive thank you to all the Y6 children who helped break up the ice patches and set up the equipment. An even bigger thank you to the referees who, as usual, did an amazing job at making sure all children were involved and kept a fair score.

We managed to have two games each, I will announce the winners in Talent Assembly tomorrow and present the winning house with their certificate.

Muslim visitor

We are learning about naming ceremonies and Maryam came in to talk to us about Muslim ceremonies, particularly naming ceremonies. We learnt the newborns are welcomed into the world by Muslims whispering the words of Adhan into the right ear of the baby.

Christmas RE lesson

On Thursday Fir Class had a visitor. Mrs Bastable from the Watford schools Trust came to talk to us about the Christmas story. It was a really interactive lesson, the children had puppets, puzzles and had to make sound effects to help them retell the Christmas story. We’re feeling festive ready for the Christmas Fair on Sunday!

The Willow Pattern Story

Why not borrow this book from the library this weekend… The children have loved reading it and writing character descriptions and retells of it this week. We will be writing our own alternative endings for it next week in English, I can’t wait to read them!

Ask your children to explain the story depicted on the willow pattern plate: