Category: Elm

Anti-Bullying Day

Today we learnt all about how to prevent bullying in our school and how to be a good friend to others. We had a fun-packed day filled with lots of great activities! We all wore odd socks and talked about how everybody is different in their own way. We also designed our own socks! We then made friendship bracelets on which we wrote our ideas about how we can be a good friend. Lots of smiles and fun were had!


This week has been focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have had lots of fun working with shapes and numbers in our maths lessons and thinking about how we can learn from our mistakes. We also practiced our coding skills in computing. Our science project for this week has been all about how green screens are used in films. To test this out, we made our own green screen puppet movies!

Seasons dress up!

Today Elm class had lots of giggles dressing up in Miss Smith’s clothes! We identified that Miss Smith would wear these clothes in winter to keep her warm and dry. We then dressed up our own people based on what they would wear for our chosen season. Woolly hats in winter and cool sunglasses in summer!