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Craft Instructions

In English, we have been learning about instructions. Before we write our own, we decided to see how well we can follow a set of instructions ourselves! We followed the instructions carefully and in the correct order to make some paper daffodils and pinwheels. They look great!

Kew Gardens

On Tuesday, Year 1 went on a trip to Kew Gardens to learn all about plants. This is our science topic for the half term. We learnt about the different types of plants and trees as well as the different parts of a plant. We saw lots of cacti, palm trees and even a cocoa plant! We also had a competition to see who could find the biggest leaf!

Key Steps 1 and 2 Gymnastics

Y1,2 3 and 4 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a gymnastics competition. We had been practising at lunchtime and entertaining the pupils in the packed lunch hall. They were extremely excited. It was our first time attending this event and we didn’t know what to expect. We took part in the vault and floor routines. We tried really hard and Y1/2 came 5th and Y3/4 came 8th. Well done children! 

Anti-Bullying Day

Today we learnt all about how to prevent bullying in our school and how to be a good friend to others. We had a fun-packed day filled with lots of great activities! We all wore odd socks and talked about how everybody is different in their own way. We also designed our own socks! We then made friendship bracelets on which we wrote our ideas about how we can be a good friend. Lots of smiles and fun were had!