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Tanners Football Match

A huge well done to Tanners Football team who beat Abbots Langley School 4 – 2 in a thrilling game. The ball went up and down the pitch and many good shots saved by Luca, who was man of the match! 

Excellent displays of football from all the boys – Luca, Joe, Ben Ch, Ben Cr, Harry, Arthur, Connor and Dean. It was really enjoyable to watch. 

The corner before the spectacular 4th goal.

Amazing tackling!

A fab save by Luca!

Rapid fire 6Ts cricket!

Last Thursday, Y3/4 went to Rickmansworth school to play in the rapid fire 6Ts tournament. In our first game we were so super excited and eager to win we kept running into each other! However, we calmed down in the second game and scored many 4run points. Well done Tanners!! The game is similar to cricket but a lot faster.

There are 6 tees with tennis balls and Otto and Charlie hit them with perfection through the yellow cones. Super score!

Mia and Lily running as fast as they can to score more points.

After each pair had a turn at batting and had run between the stumps, it was our turn to field. We had an organised routine to collect balls,tees and spots.

We really enjoyed this tournament, well played to Otto, Chase, Charlie, Mia, Lily, Luke and Theo. We did really well to come 4th out of 8 teams. 


As part of our topic, ‘people who help us’, we had a visit from contstable Bearne. He told us all about his job as a police officer and read us a brilliant story about a detective dog. The children got to try on the different police hats and even look at some real handcuffs! 

Visitors galore! 

It has been a very exciting week for Beech class, as we were lucky enough to have two wonderful visitors come in to see us. On Monday, as we were learning about doctors and nurses, we had a visit from a real life nurse! We got to hear all about what it’s like to be a patient in hospital and we even got to look at some of the special equipment that a nurse or doctor might use when they are helping to make patients better. 

On Wednesday we had a visit from the Watford schools trust. We got to learn all about the Nativity story through music and rhyme. It was great hearing the story told in such an exciting and different way. We even got to sing some classic Chirstmas carols which really  got us all in the Christmas spirit! 

Beech Class meet some real life heroes! 

Since our topic this term is all about ‘people who help us’, we were very lucky to have a visit from some local firefighters. We got to learn all about the different equipment they use everyday and how they use it to save lives. 

We even got to go inside the fire engine and experience what it must be like to be a firefighter racing to an emergency. Even Mrs Franks and  Miss Watson got to have a turn!

As a final goodbye, the firefighters beeped the horn and flashed the sirens for us. It was so loud but really exciting too. 

We can’t wait to meet more amazing ‘people who help us’ soon.