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Exploring Shadows

For our science lesson this week we explored shadows. The children started by drawing around the shadows of some small word animals. 

We then drew around each other shadows and wrote  the time (9:30). 

Later, during our morning Child Initiated Learning session we went outside to see if our shadows had changed. The children made some really good observations and it sparked a great conversation about how shadows are formed and why they change at different times of the day. 

Henry- “the shadows have got shorter because in the earlier the sun burns a little bit of it, it’s true. ”

Phoebe- “the shadows moved because the sun is higher in the sky.”

Isabel – “the shadows have gone abit lighter coz it’s sunny.”

Zac – “mine got smaller and it’s starting to disappear.”

Why don’t you try to discover more about shadows at home?

What a sunny week! 

This week Beech class have been making the most of the beautiful weather by spending lots of our child initiated learning time outside in our garden. 

The children used the construction pieces to make a HUGE obstacle course, what a great example of team work!

The children made made bubbles and enjoyed watching them change colour in the sunlight. 

Our potatoes are growing well. We might still win the Abbots Potato Growing competition! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have offered or bought plants for our new garden that will be opening after half term.  The children have been helping too by digging up weeds and helping  to care for our plants. 

Shark Tale 

This week as part of our topic, Over and Under the Sea, we have been learning all about the the scariest predator in our oceans, sharks! We have Ben looking at lots of information books and also on the Internet to find out lots of interesting facts. A big well done to all the children who brought in their research that they did for home learning. What fantastic home learning. 

Did you know…? Tiger sharks eat lots of fish, even jellyfish -Rosie

Did you know…? Whale sharks at the biggest sharks in the whole world – Anneka

Did you know…? Goblin sharks have 5 sets of teeth. -Jack 

Did you know…? Hammer Head sharks can grow up to 5 or six meters long.  – Oscar

Phoebe even brought in a picture her dad took when he was diving.  Can you see all the sharks? What species do you think they might be?

During maths we decided to find out how big some of the sharks would be I real life. We used meter sticks and measured out the length of a Whale shark which was 12 meters long! It stretched from our class all the way to Ash class. 

What wonderful home learning!

We were so amazed by the fantastic pieces of home learning done by Beech class this weekend, we just had to put them on the blog. We loved the variety and creativity of the different pieces and have put them up on display in our classroom for everyone to see. Have a look below at our great work!