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We made our own volcano!

This week Beech Class discussed what a volcano is. We watched a short video clip of a volcano erupting and discussed what happens when it erupts. We noticed that there was orange liquid and fire coming out of the volcano. We identified this as lava. We found out that the lava comes from the inner core of the earth. We know it is extremely hot as we saw steam coming off from it.

We decided to re-create the volcano by mixing bicarbonate soda with vinegar. We made predictions before we made it and then talked about what actually happened.

Beech Class PE Lesson

During our PE lesson today, Beech Class enjoyed exploring a range of apparatus. In between each piece of equipment the children had to find different ways to travel around the hall. As we have been learning lots about dinosaurs, most of the children chose to travel like a dinosaur, using gross motor movements.

Help! Dinosaurs are stuck in ice! How are they going to escape?

Today Beech Class discovered a range of Dinosaurs that had been frozen in ice. We discussed how ice is formed and together came up with a plan to free the dinosaurs. The children came up with ideas of places where we could place the frozen dinosaurs and predicted what one would free the dinosaurs first. The children chose to place one of the moulds outside, one in our classroom, one buried in the sand and the last mould to be hit with a hammer.

Salt dough Dinosaur Bones and Fossils.

Beech Class had so much fun researching Dinosaur Bones and Fossils. The used ‘Kiddle’ a child friendly search tool to find images of Dinosaur Bones and Fossils. They then made their own Dinosaur Bones and Fossils out of salt dough. Each team carefully added the flour, salt and water and discussed language related to capacity. Each cup of ingredients needed to be full before adding it to the mixing bowl.