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This weeks PE challenge – Toe Taps ; how many can you do in 60 seconds? 

See if you can improve your score throughout the week, keep practising and by Friday at 12pm submit your score to 

I look forward to seeing your scores and the results will be shared in next weeks school newsletter. 👍 I will let you know my score too! Good luck! 

We made pancakes!

As our text of the week was Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, we decided that it would be a good idea to make our own pancakes. Lots of the children had previously made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, so were therefore able to talk about the ingredients we needed to use and instructions we needed to follow. We had lots of fun flipping the pancakes and adding our favourite toppings.

Key Steps 1 and 2 Gymnastics

Y1,2 3 and 4 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a gymnastics competition. We had been practising at lunchtime and entertaining the pupils in the packed lunch hall. They were extremely excited. It was our first time attending this event and we didn’t know what to expect. We took part in the vault and floor routines. We tried really hard and Y1/2 came 5th and Y3/4 came 8th. Well done children! 

Dinosaur workshop

Today Ash and Beech Class had a dinosaur workshop. The children got to see 3 different dinosaurs! One was a baby T-Rex called Jack, (he was a little bit cheeky and kept biting Mrs Markham) the other was Mia, she was a 2 year old Triceratops and the last one was Sophie, she was a 7 year old T-Rex. The children were so excited to see and learn about the different dinosaurs. After meeting the dinosaurs, the children got the act as palaeontologist and search for dinosaur bones and Fossils. We really did have a fantastic day!