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Roaring fun!

This week we were lucky enough to have the wonderful dinosaur experts visit us with thier baby T-Rex called Jack and thier almost fully grown T-Rex called Sophie. The children got to stroke them, learn all about what they used to eat and what the Earth looked like when dinosaurs were the most common species around. Later, we got to become paelentologists and explore real fossils from dinosaurs, fish and plants. We carefully brushed the sand away and tried to work out what the fossil was using pictures and facts. 

Erupting volcanoes 

Volcanoes may have been one of the reason that dinosaurs became extinct so I reception we decided to learn more about them. We learnt lots of new words like magma, tectonic plates and dormant. 

We decided as a class that we wanted to make our own volcanoes, so we became scientists for the day and since molten rock is hard to come by and far too dangerous, we decided to use vinegar, red food colouring and bicarbonate of soda instead to get a very similar effect. 

The children wrote predictions about what might happen when we mixed all the ingredients together then we put on our goggles and tried the experiment. Why don’t you try it at home?

Have a good guess…

This week in reception, some huge dinosaur footprints appeared in our classroom. We decided to estimate how many of different items we could fit inside them. We all had different ideas on how many shoes there were inside the footprint but we all agreed that the best to check who was right was to count the shoes. How many do you estimate there are ? 

Frozen Dinosaurs 

We discovered that our toy dinosaurs had become trapped in some ice and decided to investigate ways to free them from their icy prison. 

We thought of some different ways to melt the ice including hot water, cold water and our hands. We also investigated by putting things like salt and sugar on the ice to see what might happen. After we had set the dinosaurs free some of the children wanted to make more ice so we tried putting water in the fridge and the freezer to see what might happen.