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Visitors galore! 

It has been a very exciting week for Beech class, as we were lucky enough to have two wonderful visitors come in to see us. On Monday, as we were learning about doctors and nurses, we had a visit from a real life nurse! We got to hear all about what it’s like to be a patient in hospital and we even got to look at some of the special equipment that a nurse or doctor might use when they are helping to make patients better. 

On Wednesday we had a visit from the Watford schools trust. We got to learn all about the Nativity story through music and rhyme. It was great hearing the story told in such an exciting and different way. We even got to sing some classic Chirstmas carols which really  got us all in the Christmas spirit! 

Beech Class meet some real life heroes! 

Since our topic this term is all about ‘people who help us’, we were very lucky to have a visit from some local firefighters. We got to learn all about the different equipment they use everyday and how they use it to save lives. 

We even got to go inside the fire engine and experience what it must be like to be a firefighter racing to an emergency. Even Mrs Franks and  Miss Watson got to have a turn!

As a final goodbye, the firefighters beeped the horn and flashed the sirens for us. It was so loud but really exciting too. 

We can’t wait to meet more amazing ‘people who help us’ soon. 

Beech Classes art pops, bangs and sizzles. 

This week we have been looking at art inspired by bonfire night. The children independently selected their own resources and materials to make some very creative and beautiful pieces of art. 

We hope you feel inspired by our fabulous art and go to see some real fireworks this weekend. Remember to stay safe and have a brilliant time!

Library visit

Reception had a very enjoyable visit to the library this morning. They were very well behaved and made us extremely proud. A huge thank you to the parent helpers and all of you who volunteered. All the children have a fantastic book to share at home – happy reading over half term. 

You-nique Week

This week we have been celebrating difference and talking about how we are all unique. We had lots of fun activities to do including playing some inclusive sports such as sitting volleyball and Boccia (below).

We also read some stories about being unique and different. 

We also went on a walk around the class with blindfolds on and thought about how it might feel not to be able to see. We created some fantastic sensory pictures that you had to close your eyes and touch, to imagine what the picture was about. 

We had a brilliant week and learnt how to be proud of our differences. And in the words of Fantastic Mr Fox, ‘we are all different but there’s something fantastic about that, isn’t there?’

Shape and Number Paths!

This week we have been learning about shapes and patterns. The children were set a challenge to work together in their colour teams to make the longest path they could. They had to think about the shapes they were using and how they would fit together. They also thought about what patterns they could make with the different shapes.  There were some really good ideas and lots of fantastic team work. Well done Beech Class. 

BeeBots on the loose! 

This week, Beech Class have been exploring different kinds of technology during our computing lessons. We used our Geographical knowledge to name the different places on the map of the UK then, programmed our BeeBots to move there using the directional arrows on their backs. 

The Early Years Team are so proud of the children and very impressed by how much they have learnt already. What a great start to the year!