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Sports Relief…and potatoes.

What a great day full of exercise and dancing. We boogied, did the conga and the mashed potato. We learnt some new songs and enjoyed moving to the rhythms. Thank you for all the kind donations to the sport relief fund, it will really make a difference to so many lives.

On another note, we have entered the Abbots Langley Gardening Society annual potato growing challenge this year and we are determined to win. We have to grow as many potatoes as we can, starting with just one seed potato. The winners will be announced at the Abbots Langley show. We will keep you updated with our potatoes as they grow. Wish us luck!

What would have happened…?

This week we have been looking at the story of the Gingerbread man. We talked about the part when he has to cross the river on the fox’s back and how the fox tricks him into getting nearer his mouth by telling him he might get wet. We were wondering what would have happened if he had got wet? So of course, we did an experiment. 

We tested out different liquids like milk, water and golden syrup and dunked some biscuits into them to see what would happen. They all took different amounts of time to disintegrate and it was interesting to see that not all the liquids caused the biscuits to break down.