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iPads in Ash Class!

Ash class have thoroughly enjoyed using the iPads this morning to explore age appropriate apps.  As a class we explored using screen mirroring to project one of the iPads onto the Smart TV. The children were really excited to use Virtualu-tee to explore their bodies -check out the photos. The children took photos of each other – we think they did a fabulous job!

Safety online

Ash class have been learning about how to stay safe on the Internet. After watching a clip about which details not to give out, some children decided to create posters. Some superb examples of cursive handwriting , finger spaces and using phonics to spell new words.

Eruptions in Ash Class!!

Ash Class watched Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and learnt that during the time of the Tyrannosaurus Rex there were lots more volcanoes on Earth. The children used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring to create a volcano. They really enjoyed watching the eruption outside. The children have also found out that pumice, volcanic rock, floats. What not investigate different types of rocks at home?