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Visitors in Ash Class

Last Thursday Ash class were visited by Red Watch from Garston Fire Station. The children got to sit in the fire engine cab, ask lots of questions, spray water using a hose and laugh as Ms Schofield dressed as a firefighter! This morning they got the opportunity to meet a Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police Service. Lots of excitement as the children learn all about ‘People Who Help Us’. Who will be next to visit Ash class?

Magical Minds Performance

All of Early Years got to enjoy a fantastic  drama, dance and musical spectacular called Magical Minds. It was a story all about emotions and how they help us to be resilient, hardworking and loving people. 

The ‘Emotion Squasher’ was trying to stop us from feeling sad, happy, angry or scared. It’s important to feel different emotions as they help us to understand ourselves and others. 

The music and dancing were brilliant. You could really see the different emotions just by watching the movements.

Geography Week and Library Visit

The children enjoyed takíng part lots of maths related field work for geography week.   They explored the distance between trees using trundle wheels and by counting steps. They also used shape finders to count different natural materials in the playground. We measured the size of trees using our arms too!

We loved our trip to the library. The children were so well behaved and very sensible on the way and when we got there. All of the Early Years Staff were incredibly proud. 


In phonics we have learnt four new sounds (h, f, b, l) and three digraphs (ll, ff, ss).​​ So far, we have learnt five tricky words which have yo be read ‘just like that’.


In phonics this week we have learnt four new sounds – digraph ck and e, u, r. We have also learnt two tricky words, to and the. These words cannot be sounded out and need to be read by sight, “just like that.”