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In phonics this week we have learnt four new sounds – digraph ck and e, u, r. We have also learnt two tricky words, to and the. These words cannot be sounded out and need to be read by sight, “just like that.”




Ash class have moves!

Ash class have been reading lots of books about being brave, having a go and trying their best this week. We have talked lots about being unique. One of the books we read was called, ‘Little Piggy’s Got No Moves’. After reading the book, Ash class showed off their own moves  inside and outside.

Y4 Tri-Golf Finals Day 

Last Friday , Y4 went to Oaklands College for the Sports Partnership County Finals. We had beaten 20 school teams from the local and partnership finals to get there. A massive achievement in the first place!! Well done Maya, Marli, Mia, Alice, Zoe, Aidan, Austin, Charlie, Jon and Max! 

We were super excited and nervous to take part, there were 9 other teams, who had all beaten 20 school teams as well, all competing for the Tri – Golf Trophy! We had a lovely day and worked really hard in the first half ……. so well that we were in the lead! 

So we were very excited and more nervous….. even the adults! We played as hard as we could congratulating each other at every shot. The scorers were so impressed with us they gave us a Team work baton! We were very proud. 

We continued to play well and enjoyed the sunshine as we were playing.

Once it was over we needed to wait half an hour while they counted the scores. It felt a long time.  We had tried our very best and worked extremely hard. 

Out of the 9 teams, we came 3rd!! WE CAME 3rd!! AMAZING! Well done Y4 tri – golf team. We are very proud. We will display the teamwork baton and certificate on the sports board in September!