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Smartie the Penguin

Today Apple Nursery have been learning about how to be safe online through a story about ‘Smartie the Penguin’. If we see or do something we are unsure about, always tell an adult! Smartie taught us a song to remind us how to stay safe…

Before you tap and click,
You need to stop and think,
And TELL someone!

We coloured in some pictures of Smartie the Penguin.


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Parachutes and Running

Apple Nursery enjoyed playing parachute games as well as doing our ‘Daily Mile’ run on the big playground for the first time. We were all out of breath by the end and spent some time listening to our breathing and our hearts beating faster.

Ramps and Races

This week, Apple Nursery chose to use the large construction materials outside to build ramps and explore pushing different objects down them including stones, ice, toys and cars. 

“Ice is faster because it’s slippery.”

“Cars are fastest. They have wheels.”

“My car pushed it (toy duck)!” 

‘Big, Bad Mouse’ Hunt

In Apple Nursery we have been reading The Gruffalo’s Child and have been on a hunt to find the ‘Big, Bad Mouse’! We searched around the garden for clues and found a snake in a log pile house, an owl in a treetop house, a fox in an underground house and footprints in the snow to lead to the ‘Big, Bad Mouse’. But we found out that he wasn’t so big or bad… until we saw his shadow!

Foam painting

In Apple nursery we have started our new topic ‘Let it Snow’. This week we have been making marks and exploring different textures using foam and paint. We have begun making snowy scene pictures using foam paint and will add to them over the coming weeks.