Dodge Ball! 

This week the children got the chance to play dodge ball. They had to work as a team to play 2 different versions of the game. The children had to be aliens and throw the ball at the spaceships (cones).  This helped them to throw more accurately at a target. They finished off with a game. Great team work Beech Class. 

Tanners Wood join in with Hour Of Code week

Children throughout the school have enjoyed taking part in the National Hour Of Code this week. The initiative encourages children to become coders and problem solvers. The Year 5 children have enjoyed a range of activities with our volunteer computing expert, Simon Devon, which included coding robots and Microbits. Children in our school coding club also enjoyed a challenging coding session this week which they proudly demonstrated to their parents after the club, which turned into a mini robot wars episode in our school hall!

EYFS and KS1 also enjoyed learning how to Code using Osmo the iPad educational gaming accessory, which was expertly demonstrated by some of our Year 4 children. Our Year 6 children will also be taking part in a collaborative coding challenge this Friday, with a group of Year 7 and 8 secondary school children, via Skype in our computing suite.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with new technology this week and have found it exciting and fun. Here are some photos of their learning.

Elm Class 

This week in computing we have been learning to do simple coding.  All children received a merit for their exceptions programming skills! On the merit was the web link four the coding game we played. The children asked for this as they had so much fun!

Eco News

We have been busy over the last two weeks monitoring how we can save energy by closing doors and switching off lights; we have all worked very hard at this and hope you have tried at home too.

This week we have thought about animals in winter and made bird balls from sunflower seeds, bird seed, oats, dates and fat. We are sure the birds will love them!