Remembrance Day and a visit from the Firefighters. 

On Monday the children learned about Remembrance Day and took part in a minutes silence. The children were given the opportunity to make their own poppies to mark the occasion. They used lots of different materials and techniques to make some fantastic work. 

We also had an exciting visit from our local firefighters. They told us all about thier job and what they do everyday. Some of us even got to try on the uniform. 

The firefighters took us outside to see their fire engine, we even got to go inside it and have a go at using the hose.

Magical Minds Performance

All of Early Years got to enjoy a fantastic  drama, dance and musical spectacular called Magical Minds. It was a story all about emotions and how they help us to be resilient, hardworking and loving people. 

The ‘Emotion Squasher’ was trying to stop us from feeling sad, happy, angry or scared. It’s important to feel different emotions as they help us to understand ourselves and others. 

The music and dancing were brilliant. You could really see the different emotions just by watching the movements.