Elm Class 

This week in computing we have been learning to do simple coding.  All children received a merit for their exceptions programming skills! On the merit was the web link four the coding game we played. The children asked for this as they had so much fun!

Eco News

We have been busy over the last two weeks monitoring how we can save energy by closing doors and switching off lights; we have all worked very hard at this and hope you have tried at home too.

This week we have thought about animals in winter and made bird balls from sunflower seeds, bird seed, oats, dates and fat. We are sure the birds will love them!

Wonderful wordles

In Geography, Year four are learning about the UK. They duscussed the idea of steroetypes and how different people have different ideas about the same country. The children brainstormed words to do with the UK and in our computing session, they put them into a wordle. 

The festivities begin!

‘Twas a very festive sight this Friday in Maple,

as 30 students wore Christmas Jumpers, a very festive staple.

As festivities begin in Tanner’s Wood, Maple Class started by learning the meaning of Advent and reasons as to why it is celebrated (Whilst sporting some fantastic Christmas clothing!) This culminated in Maple Class’s Christmas Wreath in which each pupil wrote some of the preparations they make each year for Christmas, deciding which were the most important to feature on their part of the wreath.