The Christmas Story

Mrs Moreton from Watford Schools Trust visited Reception this morning to share the story of Christmas. She brought some amazing knitted characters and a cardboard box which she used to recreate the nativity scene. The children enjoyed singing new songs and joining in with the story.

People who help us! 

As part of our People who help us topic, Freddie’s Mummy kindly agreed to talk to Reception about her job in a hospital. The children enjoyed listening to a special story about Teddy’s operation, dressing up in scrubs and a doctor’s coat and learning about objects from hospital. Freddie’s Mummy kindly donated the resources to Reception which the children have continued to enjoy exploring in the Role Play Area. 

Adding in math

Larch class are beginning to learn how to add numbers together using column addition. Today we used diennes and place value cards to support our understanding as to how numbers can be placed in a grid. Here are some pictures of us doing our work.