Year 3 Scientific School Trip to Tring Museum

Today year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day out to Tring Natural History Museum. We looked closely at lots of different animal skulls to investigate what animal the skull might belong to. We used our knowledge of the different teeth types to help our investigation. We also roamed through all of the museum’s exhibits, looking closely at the different animals on display. We even got the chance to dress up as some of our favourite animals.

A massive thank you to all of the parent helpers who joined us and made the trip possible. We’re already looking forward to our next adventure.

Our scientific school trip to Tring Museum.

The children were fascinated to see the vast variety of animals at the museum. We had a great handling session of different skulls. We looked closely at the teeth to give us clues as to which mammal each belonged to. We had some great guesses.

We found animals from different biomes. There were also animals which sadly are now extinct, the great sloth bear and the dodo.

A big thank you to our parent helpers who I think enjoyed it as much as the children.

I know that many of the children would love to return so do pop along and learn even more.

Well done Larch you were a pleasure to take out.


A tiring day for some!

Visitors in Ash Class

Last Thursday Ash class were visited by Red Watch from Garston Fire Station. The children got to sit in the fire engine cab, ask lots of questions, spray water using a hose and laugh as Ms Schofield dressed as a firefighter! This morning they got the opportunity to meet a Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police Service. Lots of excitement as the children learn all about ‘People Who Help Us’. Who will be next to visit Ash class?

Anti-bullying day

Today Juniper class took part in a range of activities as part of our work for anti-bullying day. In one such activity we investigated the power of our words. We passed around an apple and said horrible and mean things to it. We then passed around a second apple and gave the apple lots of compliments. Afterwards, we cut open both apples to discover the impact that our nasty words can have. We were reminded that although the impact of mean words may not always be visible on the outside, they make a difference on the inside.

We also enjoyed wearing odd socks to school to show our support for anti-bullying day.

Anti-bullying day and cake!

It’s been a busy week in Oak class this week! Today we focused on anti bullying and got the children involved in lots of different activities to remind them how important it is to be kind and respectful to each other.

The children created t-shirts, deciphered coded messages and created a word bank of how they would like to be described to others. We had a great day in year 4 and to top it off we ended the day with cake! Here are some lovely Tanners Woods cakes that got donated this morning….. they were delicious!

Thank you to everyone that donated and bought cakes today, it is much appreciated!