Catapults in Rowan!

Kick starting our Art week in Rowan class, we had a visit from John to show us how to create our own Roman catapults out of wood. The catapults were called onagers. Once we had made our onagers, we tested them outside. We had such fun! Thank you John!

Sports Relief

Yesterday, Ash class completed their daily mile with a difference. Some children chose to roll or carry a hula hoop, throw, catch or kick a ball, whilst some chose to just run. After the daily mile the children explored hula hoops, balls and skipping ropes. They were also very enthusiastic about dance routines on ‘GoNoodle.’ Why not sign up to ‘GoNoodle’ for free at home?

Juniper Mile

Juniper Class completed their Daily Mile with a difference! It was great fun to skip, bounce and dribble (!) along the field and pathways, and good to know we were making a difference for Sport Relief projects as we donated to this worthy cause!