Ancient Egyptians

The children had a visit from the Ancient Egyptians today. They learnt about the God Anubis who has a jackal-shaped head and he is the God of mummification. They took part in a performance about the flooding of the River Nile and they also went a journey through the desert to search for clues. 

Ancient Egyptian workshop

Today Year 3 were visited by Ancient Egyptians so we could learn more about the past! We were let into an inner tomb of a pyramid, helped solved challenges using hieroglyphs and artefacts. We heard stories of different pharohs, including Tutankhamun and Nerfertiti. Weveven learnt how to dance like an Egyptian.  The children had a wonderful time learning about life in Ancient Egypt. 

‘Big, Bad Mouse’ Hunt

In Apple Nursery we have been reading The Gruffalo’s Child and have been on a hunt to find the ‘Big, Bad Mouse’! We searched around the garden for clues and found a snake in a log pile house, an owl in a treetop house, a fox in an underground house and footprints in the snow to lead to the ‘Big, Bad Mouse’. But we found out that he wasn’t so big or bad… until we saw his shadow!