Seaside holidays now and then

In Geography the children have been discussing the differences and similarities between holidays in the past and holidays now. We asked the children to bring in an array of photos of themselves, their parents and their grandparents on holiday as child, so we could see the changes.

Thank you to all parents and carers who shared their photos. The children adored looking at them! ?

Exploring Shadows

For our science lesson this week we explored shadows. The children started by drawing around the shadows of some small word animals. 

We then drew around each other shadows and wrote  the time (9:30). 

Later, during our morning Child Initiated Learning session we went outside to see if our shadows had changed. The children made some really good observations and it sparked a great conversation about how shadows are formed and why they change at different times of the day. 

Henry- “the shadows have got shorter because in the earlier the sun burns a little bit of it, it’s true. ”

Phoebe- “the shadows moved because the sun is higher in the sky.”

Isabel – “the shadows have gone abit lighter coz it’s sunny.”

Zac – “mine got smaller and it’s starting to disappear.”

Why don’t you try to discover more about shadows at home?

Water Play

Apple Nursery worked together to clean up and put together a waterway for everyone to play with. We had lots of fun filling it with water using different containers and floating our toy boats. We are looking forward to using it more over the coming days.







Celery and food colouring!

In Science, Larch class conducted an investigation. We wanted to know how water travelled through plants so we planned an experiment to find the answer! We decided to use celery as our plant. After discussions, we realised that water was see-through, so in order to see it we mixed it with food colouring. We made sure our investigation was fair so used 50ml of water in each beaker. We are currently awaiting the results to see what happens to our celery!