Our solar system

Rowan class have been learning about Planets, in Science, this week. We talked about their features and the order they are in. During our lesson I showed the children, using sheets of paper how far apart each of the planets are. Here are some videos of the children participating in the activity. We had lots of fun! ?

Oak class

It has been a fun filled week here in Oak!

New teacher, new work and catching up with friends!

This week has all been about growth mindset and getting our brains in order ready to start the hard work which is coming our way.

Here are some pictures of us working hard in maths investigating the stair challenge!

Maple Class 2018

A new academic year and the children have already made a strong start across the curriculum.

Most importantly, we have spent a lot of the week practicing and deepening our growth mindsets.

In maths we have learnt that mistakes are useful, speed isn’t as important as truly understanding and that tough challenges expand our mind!

The brain is a muscle, give it a workout!