Ready steady bake! 

For Science Day, Juniper class decided to investigate what would happen if they made bread but left out key ingredients. We found out that yeast is very important in bread if you want a soft fluffy texture. Lots of our class preferred the bread that had no salt in though! 

Will it float?

Holly class had fun trying to find a way to float a toy using a sponge, a plastic bag and elastic bands. 

They were really creative with their designs and most of their designs stayed afloat for more than 5 minutes! 

Well done Holly class, I was really impressed with perseverance and team work! 

Food chains!

Oak class categorised animals into carnivores and omnivores; learnt about producers and consumers; and constructed their own food chains. Then they applied their scienfic knowledge to English and wrote superb sentences with expanded noun phrases and embedded clauses….phew!