Heavier or lighter?

Ash class have enjoyed exploring weight in maths this week. They have used heavier and lighter to describe objects. Today they were human scales using two bags for life and objects from around the classroom. Wonderful to hear the children talking sentences to compare objects, for example, “the globe is heavier than the superhero.”

Fabulous Y6 Football Tournament

On Tuesday, 8 members of the school football team had a fantastic opportunity to attend a Watford football club primary stars tournament. The team played amazing football and were the team in our group to beat. Unfortunately St Albert the Great were stronger and they went through to the semi finals, then the final which they then won. Mrs Chapman, Mr Creamer and I were very proud of their footballing skills and team work.

Keep Running Gingerbread Man!

To start off our new topic ‘Twisted Tales’ we have been reading a different version of the Gingerbread Man. It highlighted how important it is to keep fit and do exercise, so in P.E we did lots of different activities to get us moving! We then talked about how our bodies felt after we had done it.

Geography and Maths

In maths, we have been exploring the continent of North America. We have plotted coordinates on a four quadrant grid to make shapes and have explored the countries and cities inside the shape. We have considered their position in relation to other places using our knowledge of direction.


Freddie will tell you what we are doing…..

We have been learning about forces in Science.We tried using water on a parachute to slow it down. We also have been hanging heavier objects on elastic bands and we learnt that the elastic band will stretch.

Fairytale castle

After half term our new topic will be ‘Twisted Tales’. The children voted for the new role play area and the winner was a fairytale castle. The children were given a half term challenge and Ms Schofield has been busy creating as well – it all started with a very large cardboard box. Looking forward to seeing all of your creations next week. 

Dinosaur workshop 

Ash class were very excited on Thursday during the dinosaur workshop. They got to meet both a baby and juvenile T-Rex. Check out Learning Journals after half term to see if your child was brave enough to get up close to the juvenile T-Rex. Ash class made fantastic palaeontologists as they carefully explored artefacts for carnivores, herbivores and other life.