Visit from the Firefighters

Today Beech Class has another visit from ‘People who help us.’ The firefighters came in to talk to the children about their job. Beech class asked some fantastic questions and were amazed by the flashing lights. The children were extremely excited about sitting in the fire engine and watching Mrs Gill get dressed up as a firefighter..

Anti-Bullying Day

Today we learnt all about how to prevent bullying in our school and how to be a good friend to others. We had a fun-packed day filled with lots of great activities! We all wore odd socks and talked about how everybody is different in their own way. We also designed our own socks! We then made friendship bracelets on which we wrote our ideas about how we can be a good friend. Lots of smiles and fun were had!

Anti-Bullying Day in Beech Class

Today the children sat in a circle wearing their odd socks to show that they are all different and unique. Each child then said something nice to the person sitting next to them. As a class we spoke about how it made them feel when their friends used kind words. Throughout the day Miss McGeever, Mrs Markham and Mrs Gill were extremely proud of the children for remembering to use kind words and for showing kind actions to one another. Beech class then came up with a few different ‘Mottos’ to explain that is OK to be different. This afternoon each child created a jigsaw piece because in Beech Class ‘WE ALL FIT RIGHT IN.’