Chinese New Year

Apple Nursery have been learning about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We enjoyed exploring our Chinese themed tray and dancing to Chinese music as well as watching ‘Let’s Celebrate’ on CBeebies to learn more about Chinese New Year.

We smashed the ice!

Last week we learnt how ice melts with warmth and we rescued the dinosaurs by melting the ice with our hands. It was freezing cold. Today, we wanted to rescue the dinosaurs as quickly as possible so we follows Mercedes idea and smashed the ice! We found out that the ice broke into chunks and we kept breaking it until the ice had disappeared! It didn’t take long. Look at the fun we had breaking it! 

Beech Class PE Lesson

During our PE lesson today, Beech Class enjoyed exploring a range of apparatus. In between each piece of equipment the children had to find different ways to travel around the hall. As we have been learning lots about dinosaurs, most of the children chose to travel like a dinosaur, using gross motor movements.