Author: Tanners Wood Teachers

The Logo Game

The children took the lead today and spoke to their peers about social media platforms, such as Facebook. They raised some interesting questions such as; why do you have to be careful on YouTube if you just watch videos on it? We discussed E safety as a class.

Eruptions in Ash Class!!

Ash Class watched Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and learnt that during the time of the Tyrannosaurus Rex there were lots more volcanoes on Earth. The children used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring to create a volcano. They really enjoyed watching the eruption outside. The children have also found out that pumice, volcanic rock, floats. What not investigate different types of rocks at home?

Erupting volcanoes 

Volcanoes may have been one of the reason that dinosaurs became extinct so I reception we decided to learn more about them. We learnt lots of new words like magma, tectonic plates and dormant. 

We decided as a class that we wanted to make our own volcanoes, so we became scientists for the day and since molten rock is hard to come by and far too dangerous, we decided to use vinegar, red food colouring and bicarbonate of soda instead to get a very similar effect. 

The children wrote predictions about what might happen when we mixed all the ingredients together then we put on our goggles and tried the experiment. Why don’t you try it at home?