Author: Tanners Wood Teachers

Light and dark workshop

Larch class took part in a light and dark science workshop today. We shared our prior learning on light and dark and were taught even more engaging scientific information! Children were able to make a kaleidoscope to show how light reflects off mirrors, go into a pitch black tent to see what happens to our eyes, as well as make finger puppets to show how objects block light and make shadows. Ask your child to explain how the sun, moon and Earth work together to form day and night!

Oak class go virtual…

On Wednesday, Oak class we’re lucky enough to have the chance to experience virtual reality headsets. As a class we travelled to Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Great Wall of China and Paris. It was very exciting, particularly finding ourselves in the middle of a gladiator fight!


Today’s Virtual Reality Workshop was fantastic! The children all said how much they loved the experience and would like to repeat it. This was very obvious by the continual exclamations of ‘Wow’ heard throughout, and as you can also see being said in some of these photos!