Author: Tanners Wood Teachers

STEM week in Ash

Ash class had lots of fun during STEM week. They looked on in astonishment when a range of balls were kept in the air using a hairdryer and water stayed in the cup when it was turned over. There was lots of excitement when the rugged racers, bee-bots code-a-pillars appeared! Maths has focused on mindset and the children have explored Tessellation and subsidising.


This week has been focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have had lots of fun working with shapes and numbers in our maths lessons and thinking about how we can learn from our mistakes. We also practiced our coding skills in computing. Our science project for this week has been all about how green screens are used in films. To test this out, we made our own green screen puppet movies!


Apple Nursery have enjoyed exploring water in science and using technological toys this week as part of our STEM activities.

Science Challenge – can you make the water stay in a cup when you turn it upside down?

We have been giving instructions to Code-a-pillars to make them move and using remote controllers to control Rugged Racers.


In our final STEM session of the week, we have been discovering the effect of forced perspective – a technical effect which makes objects appear larger, smaller, farther or closer than they actually are. We discussed how it has been used in films and even had a go ourselves!

A visit from Mr Jenkins

This morning, Rowan class were treated to special presentation from Mr Jenkins. He spoke to the class about his computing skills and his technology company. The children were excited to learn about the job he does and the potential jobs they may do in the future. These maybe jobs, which are not even invented yet! 😀🌏🚘🚊✈️💻⌚️📱