Author: Tanners Wood Teachers

We smashed the ice!

Last week we learnt how ice melts with warmth and we rescued the dinosaurs by melting the ice with our hands. It was freezing cold. Today, we wanted to rescue the dinosaurs as quickly as possible so we follows Mercedes idea and smashed the ice! We found out that the ice broke into chunks and we kept breaking it until the ice had disappeared! It didn’t take long. Look at the fun we had breaking it! 

Beech Class PE Lesson

During our PE lesson today, Beech Class enjoyed exploring a range of apparatus. In between each piece of equipment the children had to find different ways to travel around the hall. As we have been learning lots about dinosaurs, most of the children chose to travel like a dinosaur, using gross motor movements.

Scientific Investigations

Our Science topic this term is plants. We have been busy completing two separate experiments! Our first one (which we are still in the process of observing) was to test the effect of using fertiliser on plants. We planted beans and plants and will be observing and recording their growth each week. Our second was to investigate how water travels through a plant – we put food colouring in the plant’s water to see what would happen. For both experiments we came up with our own predictions and once we have collected the results, will be completing conclusions of what we have found!

Healthy Heroes

Today Larch class were lucky enough to take part in a ‘Healthy Heroes’ workshop run by the Three Rivers and Watford School Sports Partnership. The children took part in a range of activities which explored and promoted good physical, mental and social health. Everyone participated and had some fantastic answers!

Help! The dinosaurs are frozen, how can we get them out!

Yesterday Ash Class discovered a range of Dinosaurs that had been frozen in ice. We discussed how ice is formed and together came up with a plan to free the dinosaurs. The children came up with ideas of places where we could place the frozen dinosaurs and predicted what one would free the dinosaurs first. The children chose to leave one in the classroom, two were held by each child and one went under warm water. The warm water melted first! Mercedes wanted to smash the ice – we are going to do this next week to see if it’s even quicker! We will let you know!

The children knew that outside would take the longest because it is cold.