Author: Tanners Wood Teachers

Royal Observatory

Rowan and Pine class really enjoyed their trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich on Wednesday!  They were lucky enough to be guided through the galaxy with the help of the planetarium and were amazed by the fantastic photographs of planets, stars and the sun. A wonderful day to finish off our Earth and Space topic! 

Anti-bullying and teamwork.

Maple class celebrated anti-bullying day today with all sorts of activities, including designing and creating individual badges, which they have been wearing proudly, creating logos in a school wide competition and all sorts of discussions with many different people and teachers in the school to improve their knowledge of how to identify and stop bullying. We also spent part of today learning about the value of teamwork and working together. As you can see, we used teamwork to create amazing things out of newspaper and to aid us in some fun games!

Sound investigation

Oak class investigated sound waves. They used a plastic cup telephone connected with string. The children checked if the sound waves could travel along the string and what helped the sound travel better.

Once we had made our deductions, the children designed a poster too sell this amazing new toy they had discovered!